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Afroglobal Trade LTD

 Trade Finance Brokering Services 

Afroglobal Trade LTD is affiliated to an established U.K fiduciary company that offers sustainable Trade Finance Solutions , International Payments, Collections, Multi Currency Payment Solutions, Currency Accounts(local currency payment management), Risk Management and Flexible Lending Solutions. All services are subject to status and satisfactory merits(Due Diligence)

Trade Finance

We facilitate trade finance in more than 18 Countries across the world and there is no upfront payments . All we do is to initiate a service with our affiliates and once you get approved by their team of professional consultants, you will get your transaction approved and Afroglobal Trade will not charge you as everything will be done internally within our consortium of trusted lenders.

Flexible Lending

Afroglobal Trade connects businesses to accredited lenders to assist in managing unexpected invoices or urgent business payments subject to approval from our lenders and also this service is free to our clients as we get remunerated by our lenders. That means you don't get charged by our company for the service as this will come as a package from our lenders.

International Payments

Our affiliates are experts in handling international payments globally and all you need is to send an enquiry to us for it to be assessed by our trusted partners who will handle your transaction and payments using mutually agreed terms . Once again Afroglobal Trade does not charge for consultation as we will be remunerated by our partners internally as part of our service agreement that will not affect the clients.

Currency Accounts

Global Trade and exchange rates can be hectic and why not leave that to our affiliates who will assist you to mitigate risk of fluctuations when executing business that requires the handling of multiple currencies to  manage your international operating expenses and save you on forex exchange.

Funds Collection

Afroglobal Trade LTD has access to UK trusted financial collection institutions that can expedite your invoice collection in almost 40 countries that are strategically located across the globe to improve efficiency in transacting effectively. Our affiliates has offices in direct countries that are dedicated to provide the best service in managing transactions .

Bulk Payments

Handling multiple bulk payments can be very tedious but if you allow us to introduce you to our trusted experts , that will benefit your business and give you more time to manage your international operations in real time.

What our customers are saying

Afroglobal Trade LTD introduced us to very cost effective and reliable experts who are strategically located across the globe and that has improved our efficiency in global trade.

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